Potential Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the face of our denomination. The members who serve in these positions should be men of vision. They need to be able to see and discern what the Lord is saying for the future of the movement. These positions should not be filled with career politicians, but forward-thinking men who can navigate difficult situations with love and compassion. Men in these positions should not be arrogant in any way, but they should show kindness and gentleness as they encourage the pastors to take their next step.
Here’s my rule of thumb: We need men who know how to reach beyond themselves and men who realize that these positions require a heart of a servant. The Executive Committee serves the pastors and the denomination. We do not need people who lead by intimidation nor bully folks, but instead inspire with vision and hope.
There are hundreds of great leaders in the Church of God. The men listed on this page have the credentials and as far as I can determine, they are men who “Think Younger.”