Matt Propes | 54662

Matthew Propes is the State Youth and Christian Education Director for Kentucky. His last name maybe familiar because his Dad serves at General Headquarters.   His Dad's position may automatically cause you not to vote for Matt or on the other hand, it may encourage you to vote for him.   

As you make a decision, consider that Matt is a voice that you will be hearing from in the future.  He started preaching when he was 14 years old and has been preaching now for nearly 17 years.  

He has been a youth pastor, a lead pastor and a State Youth Director in three states. Yes, he is on the fast track. 

I do not know Matt personally, but here's what I know about his family.  His Dad has a keen eye and great attention to detail. I appreciate people like that. I also know that maybe young, but he has more experience than most anyone his age. I believe that God anoints young men and God has anointed Matt.  

If I ever have the opportunity to meet him, I would say, "Matt, stay young.  Don't try to act old be yourself. Be the man that God has called you to be."

Anyway, Matt is on the list because he seized the opportunities given to him and I appreciate people with a sense of purpose and drive.