Joe Dobbins | 59050

Joe Dobbins is the lead pastor of Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri.   Prior to assuming the role of lead pastor, Joe served the congregation as the Executive Pastor while Pastor Bryan Cutshall was leading the charge. Let's be honest, very few of us would want to follow a pastor like Bryan Cutshall. Pastor Bryan is a house-hold name in our denomination and he left big-shoes to fill. When the Elders at Twin Rivers looked to Joe to step up, he felt that it was God's timing for him to take that step. Joe knew that with God's help, the church could move through a season of transition and into a new season of growth.  

I first met Joe when he was a guest speaker at a seminar for churches over 500 in the North Georgia Conference.  I was amazed.  Joe, even though he was young, had the leadership bandwidth to inspire a group of pastors much old than he was.  Imagine that ... you are the youngest guy in the room and you are called to sharpen the skills of the older pastors.  If that seminar was described with baseball terminology, you would say that he knocked the ball out of the park.  That was the moment that I became i huge Joe Dobbins fan.

Since that time, I have had other occasions to see Joe lead his peers.  He is a great leader. I believe that it is time for Joe Dobbins to help provide leadership for the Church of God.  We need people who understand what it takes to make a church grow. We need leaders that understand systems and processes. Today is a new day. As you pray about the Council of 18 election, pray for men like Joe Dobbins.